I have been hearing lots of good things about Cook Vegan, so this month I decided to find out what all the fuss was about! Immediately I was drawn by its glossy and festive front cover and appreciated the attention to detail within the colour theme.

This issue is jam packed with all things Christmas! From Christmas cake to Yorkshire Puddings ‘Cook Vegan’ ensures a recipe for just about every palate in your household this Christmas. The recipes are easy to follow and do not take all day. Thus you will be able to enjoy your Christmas Celebrations without being chained to the kitchen counter!

Cook Vegan has over 90 recipes this month, which include raw food, lighter, bites, drinks, sweet treats and featured recipes from Thug Kitchen. The recipes shared left me craving these delicious and wholesome meals. Not only do the photographs of each of the recipes look stunning the cost of the meals on offer don’t break the bank!

I have been vegan for just under a year and the same question never fails to bore the carnivores within my family, ‘Jade, are you sure you are getting enough iron?” If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me that question this last year I would be a millionaire. 

Therefore when I saw the article within Cook Vegan titled ‘Do vegans get enough Iron’ I smiled to myself and sat down with my cup of tea, knowing if anyone asks me that question again I will just direct them to this months issue and they can read till their hearts content, without me having to even open my mouth.  

It can become very tedious having to explain to everyone I come into contact with how and where I get my iron and protein. This is why I really appreciated this article as it not only explains where you can get your iron from it also breaks down the differences between the two types of iron that is present in food (Haem Iron and Non-Haem Iron). 

The article informative without taking a preaching standpoint and I welcome that as I have noticed since being vegan there are a lot of people, vegan and non vegan that believe preaching is the best way to educate others and I am not of that view at all.

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