Wearth London

Are you looking for somewhere to consciously shop, without compromising the quality of the products bought?

Look no further; Wearth London is all about providing you with sustainable products that do not cause any harm to the environment. 

Wearth provides eco - luxury products without the price tag! What does that mean for you? It means that they are offering affordable earth-kind products, which have been ethically sourced from their natural beauty range to their furniture. 


What I love about Wearth is that all their products are vegan-friendly as they wanted to ensure that all products were cruelty free and environmentally friendly.  Wearth are committed to keeping the amount of plastic in their products to a minimum and promote the use of green packaging and have strict guidelines to ensure that their brands are using eco-friendly alternatives. 

If you are feeling the excitement as much as me then head over to Wearth right now! On Friday 24th - Monday 27th November they are holding an online sales event named Green Friday whereby all products will be discounted by 10%.


Stay tuned to both Precious Vegan and Wearth London's Instagram pages as I will be sharing a further discount to my followers after GREEN FRIDAY.