Since beginning his Water baby journey with ‘water babies’ when he was just four months old, Lion has loved the water. Whether it be having a bath, washing his hair or having a shower as long as it involves water he is happy!

Which is why I was so excited when we were given a copy of ‘1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea’ bath book to review as I knew Lion wouldn’t want to put it down and I was absolutely right.

It isn’t always easy finding a book for the bath that is both entertaining and a learning tool, which is why 1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea is such a great little book for the bath. Lion loves to practice his numbers and count with Bubba and his friends, as well as make the noises as he spies the numerous animals on each page. Lion’s favourite pages are 5 & 6 where he gets to wave at the octopuses and quack, quack with the ducks!

Not only is this bath book great for helping Lion learn his numbers but it also helps him recognise animals not only by the pictures but by imitating their sounds, which is a great way to practice his early phonics as that helps him to read.

1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea is a great book in or out of the bath. Lion often takes it out of his bath toy baskets and hands it to me to read to him throughout the day.

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*This product was gifted to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own

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