Namaste Earthlings,

Precious Vegan welcomes you on board to join her vegan journey.

Whether you are a Carnivore or Herbivore Precious Vegan invites you into her world and aims to provoke the consciousness within you to encourage self-love and healing through living a healthier lifestyle.

Precious Vegan has designed this space to inspire the curious and to raise your vibrations to transmit optimism amongst your thoughts so that you no longer fear the unknown. Vegan or not Precious Vegan endeavours to provide you with some tips she has learnt along the way; and provide you with honest information of how hard it can be switching from eating meat to becoming vegan.

Not only is Precious Vegan increasing your awareness of vegan options but she is sharing with you her journey into vegan pregnancy; the highs, the lows and the in between!

As a qualified Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, mental health will also be featured along the way too, to help boost your self-love through self-care and provide you with the tools necessary so you know that you are not alone.

The only extreme entity about becoming vegan is the amount of self-love it takes to love yourself enough to keep your mind, body and spirit nourished!