I have never proclaimed myself as a ‘hair blogger’, but when ‘Alodia Hair Care‘ got in touch with me I couldn’t say no – especially as the products were vegan.

Alodia Hair Care’s founder Dr Isfahan Chambers- Harris created products made from natural ingredients to help protect her hair and others from breakage and scalp damage due to years of chemically straightening her hair.

As a woman with mixed-cultured hair myself, I can fully relate. Years of straightening my hair (either chemically or with electric tongs) to try and ‘fit in’ to be ‘socially acceptable’ ruined my thick, curly hair and I am definitely paying the price for it now.

As a result I am now struggling with heat damage (thinner hair and lack of curl definition). I was in need of products that nourished my hair which in turn would help it grow and manipulate it back into a style that I would fall in love with.

I have never tried a ‘twist out’ before, so I was looking forward to testing out the ‘Alodia Hair Care Twist and Braid Out’, with the help of UK Curly Girl.

The Products used to create the final look were the following;

Alodia hair care nourish & moisturise hair cream – Ideal for all hair types in need of moisture and hydration for a healthy, shiny and a redefined finish
Alodia hair care deep conditioning masque – Infuses moisture-starved strands with natural, high-quality ingredients that help nourish the scalp
Alodia hair care nourish & hydrate conditioning shampoo – This beauty gently cleansed my hair, whilst removing dirt, sweat and product buildup without stripping my hair of its natural oils
Alodia hair care nourish & grow healthy hair scalp oil – This gem supplied my brittle ends with necessary hydration

If you like me are on a journey towards healthier hair and have struggled to select the ‘right’ hair products; Alodia Hair Care has developed styling kits for near enough every occasion; Wash N’ Go, Twist Out, Thermal Kit and more.

I would really recommend you try these products or any of the other styling kits you feel would work for you. The products have been tried and tested on women who have taken a stand to love their natural hair and not be pressured by society or conform to societies portrayal ‘beauty’.

I am so happy to be a part of a generation that is reclaiming their natural hair and teaching our future queens that black is beautiful.

If you would like to watch the full tutorial please click here.