Mum To Be Range

Being heavily pregnant in the middle of August is not the best experience! Sleepless nights with the constant tossing and turning of the hot summer months. Swollen legs and ankles as your belly is growing in size daily and then of course the inevitable stretch marks (well I am sure you don’t just get those in August)!

Bemama came to my rescue with their Mum To Be Range. I was sent their stretch marks oil, refreshing ankle and leg gel and their nipple balm protection whilst I was pregnant but I waited to write this review until I had, had my baby as I wanted to give an honest review about how the products worked.

I only want to advertise products on my brand that I would use again and that I recommend as I want my reviews to be authentic and true to my word.

I started to apply the stretch marks oil daily. What I loved about this oil is that it wasn’t too oily! It didn’t stain or streak my clothes and didn’t leave me feeling greasy. I used the oil throughout my pregnancy and didn’t have a single stretch mark whilst pregnant. The saying less is more definitely applies to this oil as it goes a long way so please use it sparingly. Since the birth of my son, I do have some stretch marks but they are minimal and are not that visible. The second product I was sent was the Bemama Refreshing Ankle and Leg Balm. Oh my this product couldn’t have been sent to me at a better time. It really was refreshing and cooled me down immediately, I would definitely recommend this to every pregnant woman especially when carrying in the hot summer months. One tip would be to keep the balm in the fridge and then pop it into your handbag whilst out and about so you can keep cool for longer!

The last product I was sent was the Bemama Nipple Protection Balm. As I was planning to breastfeed I was keen to prepare my nipples as I has been told how painful it could be and how sore your nipples would become.

I started to use the balm daily and again it was lightweight and easy to apply. Since having my son and breastfeeding solely the first week was fine, my nipples weren’t sore at all. However, the second week in they were cracked, bleeding and it was quite excruciating and due to this I stopped using the balm as even applying it was extremely painful and as you are meant to remove all excess after the balm before baby feeds again it wasn’t very convenient as I had an emergency c-section thus my mobility was limited afterwards. Thus washing the excess of the cream off my nipples before every feed was not at the top of my agenda!

Overall I would really recommend the stretch mark oil and the leg and ankle refreshing balm as I found them very beneficial and unlike most products they actually did what they said on the bottle! If you are pregnant or know anyone that is they would be a perfect gift to yourself or loved ones.

Have you tried their products before? I would love to hear your opinions on the brand and I am yet to try their Back To Me Range.

If you do want to learn more about these products or want to make a purchase, click here.

*These products were gifted to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.