Breastfeeding mamas you’ll understand the pain of the unflattering nursing bras for us mamas. No sense of imagination or thought has been put into the majority of them. I swear its like you have a baby and the world says bye bye fashionista and welcome to the land of postpartum leggings and baggy t-shirts! Isn’t it bad enough our bodies are never going to be what they used to be and now we have to settle for comfort instead of style? Why can’t we have both comfort and style? I mean if anyone deserves the cake and to eat it, its us mamas right?! Well mamas have no fear, because Carriwell are here to save our nursing days! Don’t get me wrong comfortability is a must especially if you are nursing as you need a bra that is nice and easy to whip them boobies out to feed our cubs, but we can do it in style now thanks to Carriwell. Carriwell have been developing and designing underwear that is comfortable and attractive for nursing and expectant mamas since 1996. Carriwell allow women to embrace their shape throughout their pregnancy and postpartum without compromising their style.
I was gifted Carriwell’s ‘Lace Drop Cup Nursing Bra’ and I have never looked back. The bra is elegant and gave me my ‘sexy’ back! The lace is attractive and the rare occasion a member of my family or friends have seen me pop my boob out they have complimented my bra, asking where I got it from and stated that they wish they had have known about Carriwell when they were nursing.
The second nursing bra I was gifted is Carriwell’s ‘Seamless Nursing Bra’. This tends to be my ‘go-to’ as I have never worn a more comfortable bra. It is so comfortable that sometimes I forget I am wearing one! My son tends to feed more comfortably when I wear this bra as the design of the bra maximises skin to skin contact.
Carriwell has not only made me feel sexy again but their products have helped boost my confidence. After having an unplanned c-section I was so upset I didn’t look at my stomach, let alone my scar until one week after having my son. I had gone from having abs to a constant ‘bloated’ looking tummy; so I was so happy when the last item I was gifted was Carriwell’s ‘Adjustable Organic Cotton Belly Binder’. The binder encourages your postpartum belly to return to its original shape naturally whether you’ve had a natural birth or c-section. From my experience of having a c-section the belly binder provided comfort to my healing belly. The belly binder can be used all through the day and night, even when breastfeeding as it doesn’t get in the way and helps improve your posture throughout the day, whether you are standing, sitting or feeding. For the short time I have been using it I can already see a difference and will be posting a before and after picture once I have worn it for a couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled!

I am so excited to share Carriwell with you as they have made my nursing experience so positive and enjoyable with such comfortable products. If you are interested in learning more about these products please click here.


*These products were gifted to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.