I Like My Products Like I Like My People Non Toxic!

I’m not going to lie to you, converting my non-vegan makeup to vegan cosmetics was harder than giving up chicken! I have been a slave to MAC makeup for almost 11 years and I honestly never thought I would stop using it.

However as time went on I became more conscious and saw beyond the name and actually realised what it stood for. To wear products that have been tested on animals is almost narcissistic as it gives the impression our ‘beauty’ is worth more than an animal’s life.

Before I go any further I just want to clear something up, just because a product is cruelty free doesn’t make it vegan! As cruelty free products are still legally allowed to contain ingredients such as shellac and beeswax. Whereas vegan cosmetics are not tested on animals and also DO NOT contain animal products.

I have been on the hunt for new makeup products for a while now but I kept saying I would make the transition to vegan products once my MAC makeup had finished as I didn’t want to waste them; then my cousin came along and spoke to me about Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the high-end, luxurious, and high-quality brands. Thus I was slightly apprehensive about how much replacing every item of my makeup bag to vegan was going to cost me! But I decided to head down to Charlotte Tilbury Covent Garden branch and give them a try.

On arrival my cousin and I were escorted down the stairs into the ‘Beauty Boudoir’ and given a seat and a glass of Prosecco by one of the in house artists Silvia. Before working her magic, I told Silvia that I was vegan and explained to her my transition and she informed that although all of Charlotte Tilbury’s products are not tested on animals they aren’t all vegan. Slivia then provided me with a list of all things vegan and explained and demonstrated how to use them and what some of the ingredients were.

I must admit having my makeup done in the ‘Beauty Boudoir’ has to be one of the best make over experiences I have ever had. Nothing was too much for her and no questions I had about the products were left unanswered.

Honestly speaking looking into a mirror these last 8 months has been an effort as I have developed active acne and if I am truthful I was dreading sitting in front of a mirror for an hour. However Silvia’s calm and gentle approach as well as an A class sense of humour really did relax me and at the end of the makeover I was teary eyed whilst thanking her as it’s the first time in eight months I actually didn’t mind looking in the mirror.

It is one thing being compassionate to animals in our decision making process when buying and using products that have either been tested on animals or have animal products as part of the ingredients. But we must also show ourselves compassion and not be so hard on ourselves especially when living in a social media driven society, where ‘beauty’ and being ‘perfect’ is seen to be so accessible.

Self-confidence is a major key and without it, it can really dampen our mood and well-being. It is so easy to become over obsessed with what we look like and how we appear to the outside world; but trust me when I tell you no amount of makeup can make you feel beautiful unless we learn to love ourselves from within.

I urge you to practice self-love on a daily basis and if you would like to share with me how you take care of yourself drop me line!

Huge thank you to all the Covent Garden staff for all your help and kindness on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 especially you Silvia. x

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