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I am so excited to share my passion with you; and I cannot wait to hear from you! Questions, suggestions, and comments are welcomed as I want to make you my priority and cater to your individual needs as a reader so please do not hesitate to ask away. – Blessings

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Currently I am available for the following;

Sponsored blog posts

– Whether it is cruelty free beauty products or tasty plant based food, I am your woman! I will promote your products on my social media platforms, feature you in a blog post and I am happy to discuss any other ideas.

Brand Ambassador

– I would love the opportunity to work with more amazing brands to help increase awareness of your products with my following and heighten your current exposure.

Recipe Ideas

– It would make my day to become more creative with your products to create some bespoke recipes for your social media platforms and/or website.

Guest blog posts

– The opportunity to be a guest on your blog would be a dream come true. Not only would I gain visibility, but you would gain interest from my following. I also have the opportunity for YOU to write a guest blog on my website.

Public Speaking

– I am a psychiatric nurse and mental health is a subject I hold in very high regard. I believe living a plant based lifestyle has a role in ones mental health and I would love to speak further about mental health and living a healthier lifestyle.

If any of the above sound like something you are interested in or you have any other opportunities you would like me to take part in please don’t hesitate to contact me.