One of my favourite snacks of all time is a big bowl of yogurt, syrup and fresh fruit. Since transitioning to a vegan lifestyle I have found it really hard to find a yogurt which I enjoy.

Coming across COYO was a such a blessing; not only is it dairy free its free from Soy! I am trying really hard to cut Soy products out of my diet so COYO instantly caught my attention.
What I love even more about COYO products is their history. They were founded by Henry Gosling whom was born and raised in Fiji. From an early age he scraped coconuts for his family which was used as the main ingredient of his family meals. As his wife was allergic to gluten and intolerant to dairy, COYO was born and is a plant based alternative to dairy yogurts.

COYO offers people with dairy, lactose and gluten intolerances an opportunity to expand their options in a world where individuals are over exposed to products that are filled, pumped and bulked with ‘nasties’ (puss, blood, hormones and so much more). Currently COYO have created yogurts and ice cream. The ice cream I am yet to try , but for now let me give you the low down on the yogurts.

The yogurts are dairy free and made from the milk of a coconut, five plant fed cultures are then added creating the smooth, velvety free from dairy alternative. I love the freshness of the yogurts as you can taste the honest flavours without the addition of sweeteners or preservatives. COYO offer five flavours: Natural Morello Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Salted Caramel My favourite has to be the salted caramel, I have a thing for sweet flavours that leave me licking the spoon and yearning for more. Click here to find out where you can purchase these goodies.