My goal this year is to travel to at least five countries; I kick started this plan three weeks ago.

Unfortunately I was only able to travel during half-term; which meant everything had tripled in price. Living up to my spontaneous side I booked the holiday a week before I flew out and was able to find flights that were £200 cheaper if I departed from Birmingham as opposed to London Gatwick. As usual I didn’t think this through and booked the cheaper flights; I will NEVER travel so far from London again.


The journey to Birmingham was horrendous; the coach journey was torture; freezing cold and filthy, in fact it was so bad that I actually arrived in Birmingham with a cold! Luckily my travelling partner is easy on the eye, so the five hour wait at the airport for the plane wasn’t all bad.


Nine hours later and about 20 degrees warmer we arrived in Kemet; on arrival we were welcomed and fast tracked through customs; where our adventures began. The half an hour drive to our hotel was magical. Statues of ancient Egyptian rulers were out of this world and I felt a strong spiritual presence, almost like my soul belonged to this magical land. The hotel exceeded our expectations and we were truly blown away by the hotel I had chosen (Feeling quite smug as I got the seal of approval from the Mr regarding my selection).

Considering we had chosen half term week, we were amazed by how quiet the hotel was (not that we were complaining)! The grounds were mesmerising, and truly picture perfect. As this was a quick getaway (5 nights) we didn’t plan too many excursions as we both work hectic jobs so it was nice to just chill by the pool and go with the flow.

The last couple of years I have become more spiritually led in terms of what I put my energy in and whom I surround myself with, as I feel that life is too short to be anything but happy. Therefore I force myself to take part in activities and surround myself with likeminded people who water my soul with positivity; anything that doesn’t help support the growth of my mind, body and soul will not take up too much of my time. Thus for me meditation and yoga are practices I am actively trying to engage with on a weekly basis. Practicing yoga with the rays of the sun on my back has to be one of my fondest memories and I came away with a clearer mind.

I later participated in some authentic belly dancing. I was mortified, I slipped away from the Mr whilst he was playing volleyball to have a bit of fun with some of the women I had met on the trip and then he ended up finding me and recording the whole thing!

On our last full day I planned a ‘magical safari’ the only aspect of magic on this excursion was riding the quad into the sunset, there was something quite surreal about this experience and it gave me a moment to be still and to give thanks for being a visitor in this special place. Before I got on Quad I was petrified even though it was my idea but I am so happy that I felt the fear and did it anyway! The adrenaline rush was unreal; riding the quad in the Egyptian dessert has to be one of my favourite memories.

Being a vegan in Egypt like most places in the world was pretty alien; however I was never left feeling hungry. Luckily for me I love ‘mezzes’ and this is part of the traditional Egyptian diet.

Besides is a picture of a breakfast I had and it is comprised of ‘foul’ (mashed fava beans) and falafel which was really tasty and vegan friendly. This holiday has definitely inspired me to book another and I cannot wait to visit Egypt again in the near future as I really want to visit the Black Sea.