I think knowing what you like and what helps you feel a bit better when you’re not feeling 100% is essential for today’s post. As I am going to share with you 5 things that help pick me up; these are just ideas and maybe you could come up with your own self-care list?! I would love for you to share these with me once you have completed it.

TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media has connected with me with so many beautiful souls but if I’m not in the right mental space to receive information social media can become my no 1 enemy. I begin to compare myself to others and believe what I am doing is not enough. So every now and then a social media detox is worth having.


Self-Affirmations in the mirror – Self affirmations every morning and night in the mirror is literally one of the hardest tasks I have done in all my life. To look in the mirror and say to myself ‘I am beautiful’ was an extremely painful sentence especially when all I feel at this time is ugly. I am going to share a separate post on my recovery from acne. But affirmations do work, the more you do it the more you end up believing it!

Music Therapy – I find that putting on my favourite artist is a great coping strategy when I feel down. Day to day at work I am always turning off the radio in my office and it annoys most of my colleagues because I hate constant noise when my mind is so busy trying to concentrate on the daily pressure that my work brings. However when I am feeling down music heels me; it allows me to escape my busy mind and takes me on a journey.


Putting pen to paper –It doesn’t necessarily mean writing a 5 page diary entry. But I find putting my thoughts on paper can help stop my urge to OVERTHINK. By writing things down/bullet points/mind maps I am able to capture how I am feeling and address it by working through my problems in a calm way instead of getting myself caught up in my anxiety.

Date yourself –I don’t care if I am in a relationship or not! Dating myself on a regular basis is vital. Whether it is taking myself on holiday/ taking myself out to eat/ reading a book in the park or simply just washing my hair. ALONE time is necessary to help me recenter myself again. 

The points above are me sharing with you what personally works for you, that doesn’t mean they will work for you but I hope they give you some ideas on how you can help yourself feel that little bit better!