For months I have been keen to try out home products that are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and 100% natural.Then like a miracle I came across ‘Home Scents and Violets’; what I love about this company is that all the products are created in the creators kitchen.

I was fortunate enough to be sent:

Pure and Natural Toilet Cleaner; What really struck me about this was the strong scent of fresh lime; I have definitely seen and smelt a freshness to the toilet after regular use.

Pure and Natural Glass Cleaner; with 0% vinegar my windows and mirrors have never looked nor smelt so clean.

Pure and Natural All Purpose Cleaner; this all-purpose cleaner can literally be used on everything from your cooker to your floor! It is so pure, there is no need to wear gloves. The essential oils linger for a couple of days leaving each room fresher whilst soothing your aura.

•Pure and Natural Washing Up Liquid; I hadn’t even thought about where the harsh chemicals of non-vegan detergents end up until I started using ‘Home Scents and Violets’ products. Now I know my household isn’t contributing to damaging rivers and not killing innocent fish and their homes.

•Unscented Laundry Powder; I would really recommend this to those of you whom suffer from eczema as it was developed for individuals with sensitive skin.

•Unscented Mineral Bleach; what I love about this product is that the ingredients used are activated by water which in turn releases oxygen. It’s also great if you want revamp an old white garment, as it takes out those horrible yellow stains.

•Laundry Softener; I was a bit weary of changing my softener as I am so picky as there is nothing better than to snuggle in an oversized jumper! I was surprised with how soft this left my garments and would highly recommend.

As the products are vegan certified they are free from animal testing, and the ingredients used are ethically sourced meaning they are made from sustainable sources and no petrochemicals or synthetic chemicals are used.

If you have liked what you have read and want to try these products for yourself, head over to the ‘Home Scents and Violets’ website and add the ‘TRY ME’ selection to your basket for only £3.60.

Overall I was really satisfied with all the products I received and I look forward to switching over my home products to vegan friendly products.