When I found out I was pregnant apart from looking forward to when my baby arrived I was so excited to start my antenatal classes as like most new mamas I wanted the opportunity to meet other expectant mums and speak about my worries and concerns as well as share the exciting times (e.g. feeling baby kick for the first time)!

However, what I did not realise is that most antenatal groups/classes begin when you are between 30-32 weeks pregnant. Meaning mine should have been in August. Unfortunately, I was told that the NHS Antenatal classes are not offered in the month of August in the Borough of Lewisham due to midwifes taking holiday. The next class I was being offered was in September as the classes in July had already been booked up!

I was devastated as I felt I would be unprepared for my birth and I had so many questions as I was planning on a Hypnobirth lead home birth. I had already looked into private Hypnobirth classes but they were above my price limit. I started to reach out to a few companies and fortunately for me Hypnobambinos got back to me!

Hypnobambinos offer award winning hypnobirthing classes, that support couples through their journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Hypnobambinos offered me the opportunity to attend their July course which consisted of two Saturday sessions each (5 hours) long. In preparation for the class I was sent their e-book which covered what Hypnobirthing was and the benefits of the method. For those of you that are unsure what Hypnobirthing is, it is a method that equips expectant mothers with knowledge to make informed choices about their upcoming birth and helps in allowing them to stay in control.

Throughout the two Saturday sessions I learnt: 

• Methods to help release some fears I had of birth; which included positive affirmations and information I may have needed in order to feel in control during any situation that may occur within my labour
• How the mind and body work together and the influence that can have on my labour and birth
• Self Hypnosis methods, visualisation, breathing and stroking techniques to ease me into relaxation
• Tips on how to avoid unnecessary chemical induction
• How to birth comfortably using the ability of my body
• Birth physiology, the process of birth, and the drugs and interventions that I may come across

I was also given resources to take home with me to help me practice what I had learnt throughout the course. This included a book, mp3 recordings, visualisations to help keep me calm and relaxed, information around the muscles of the uterus and so much more.

I would urge everybody to trial Hypnobirthing along side the antenatal classes you are given through the NHS (which are a lot more surgical procedure based) as Hypnobirth changes your mindset into that of a more positive one. Before the sessions I felt anxious and worried about the birth of my son but after Hypnobirthing I felt like I was in more control of my body and instead of being nervous and anxious, I became excited about labour as it would be one more step closer to holding my baby.

To get the most out of the sessions and resources, I would advice you to complete the relaxation techniques daily as well as reading a little bit of your book each day. 

If you would like more information on Hypnobambinos please click here.