Whenever my dietary choice comes up for discussion I am often asked ‘but don’t you miss chicken’?!
Well now my reply will be ‘why would I miss chicken when Squeaky Bean have introduced such a
tasty alternative’?!
Made with pea protein for a realistic texture, the BBQ and Kick of Tikka Chicken Style Pieces are high
in protein and low in saturated fat, and are packed with flavour.
When I became vegan five years ago I never thought I would see such a vast range of vegan options –
it just goes to show that being vegan doesn’t mean eating food which is boring, tasteless or bland.
One of the meals I’ve missed the most since going vegan is a Thai curry – so I wasted no time in
whipping up a delicious plant-based version with the pieces.

Below is my simple recipe using Squeaky Bean ‘Tasty Thai’ chicken pieces:
Coconut milk 
Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste 
Green Beans 
Tenderstem Broccoli 
Sweet Potato 
Baby Corn
Squeaky Bean Tasty Thai Chicken Pieces 
Heat oil in a large pot
Add onions until soft 
Add garlic 
Add curry paste 
Pour in coconut milk 
Add sweet potato and cook for 10-15 minutes until sweet potato is tender 
Stir in Green Beans, Tenderstem Broccoli, Baby Corn and Squeaky Bean Tasty Thai Chicken Pieces
Serve with rice and squeeze lime wedges over top
Squeaky Bean challenges the perception that vegan food has seldom flavour and difficult to prepare.
Its range includes vegan ready-to-eat Chicken Style Pieces, Sandwich Slices and Pancakes, quick-to-
heat Fishless Fingers, Nuggets and Kievs each made from wildly delicious plants. Squeaky Bean’s
range can now be purchased in the following stores: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and The
Vegan Kind.

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