Imagine Me Stories – Monthly Subscription Box

Reading has always been a deep passion of mine. From an early age the quote ‘books are knowledge and knowledge is power’ has resonated with me and probably had something to do with me graduating three times!

My son is 17 months old and more than twenty books have already been read to him. Having books to read to him that are easily accessible has never been a problem, however having books to read to him that had characters his skin colour was the problem. Most libraries have a limited selection of black and ethnic minority character books especially for his young age. Would you believe it if I told you that only 1% of children’s books published in the U.K. in 2017 featured a black or minority ethnic main character. Shocking isn’t it?!

It brings me so much joy that ‘imagine me stories’ have created a monthly subscription box where a child will receive a selection of 2-3 books a month where the main characters are black. The subscription boxes have been perfectly tailored to each child’s age and understanding level. There are four boxes you can choose from:

Tiny Conquerors Box 0-3 years of age
Early Achievers Box 4-8 years of age
Big Dreamers Box 9-12 years of age
Family Combo Box (for multiple reading levels)

Not only will a child receive 2-3 books a month, imagine me stories have created a reading ladder. The reading ladder is a black icon ladder whereby your child can climb the ladder each month and learn about a specific black icon. The children also receive a selection of activity sheets. Our activity sheets focused on spectacular space heroes and part of the activity was matching the space pioneers to their achievements. This particular activity will be great for when Lion is a little bit older, so in the mean time I have kept the activity sheets in a box to revisit for when he can understand. But nevertheless a great idea for our children to learn about past black pioneers. 

We received the following books: Sleep Tight Teddy by Jo Byatt, Too Many Tickles! by Thomas Taylor and I am so brave! by Stephen Krensky. Lion loved them all. He really enjoyed Sleep Tight, Teddy as he enjoyed the interactive finger puppet. I really enjoyed reading it to him apart from him trying to bite off my finger! 

I think its safe to say that Too Many Tickles was Lion’s favourite story out of the three. He has never giggled so much throughout a story. It was great fun and really interactive, perhaps not the best book to read just before bed !
I really recommend ‘Imagine me stories’ the quality of the books are amazing and the I can see that a lot of thought has gone into the activities and the learning materials.
I think it is so important for our children to have positive role models in books and understand that their is more to black history than slavery!
If you want to learn more or purchase a subscription box please click here.

*These products were gifted to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.