Hey, hey, hey!

As some of you are aware I am a full time psychiatric nurse. My background is forensic psychology, criminal behaviour and mental health. I have had first experience of how mental health can effect ones everyday life as I have family relatives who have suffered and are suffering with depression, anxiety and schizophrenia which is part of the reason why I furthered my studying on the topic of mental health. 

In recent years I myself have suffered with anxiety and low mood which developed due to my skin condition of acne which I have been battling with for the last year and a half. As a psychiatric nurse I know all too well the stigma society has on mental health and I did the worst thing anyone suffering with mental health can do, which was hide away; I stopped going to work, attending events and socialising with my family and friends. 

In a world where we are consumed with social media and looking ‘perfect’ by covering our insecurities with one of the many filters that are so readily available, it’s so easy to start hating the body and skin we are in.

Which is why I was so excited when the founder of mental wellness platform CraZyCreativeCool got in touch and asked me to write an article on self-care as it is a topic so very close to my heart and the hearts of those around me.

I want to be able to reach out to those who are struggling and have lost their voice. The article I have prepared is NOT accredited and although I am a professional it is just a few tips that I have found to help ME but if you are feeling suicidal or are in desperate need please seek professional help and in my next post I will include phone lines and websites to help you further.

I want you to be assured that you are not alone. 1 in 3 people are suffering with some form of mental health and every form of it is just as life changing as the other. We have to give mental health the same respect we do as physical health because it can be just as life changing.

I am so happy to be joining forces with mental wellness platform @crazycreativecool on their new movement to spread the word about how important is it to create your own support SIStem.

Sisterhood is so important to me as I find it so hard to trust females and their intentions. Creating this system and working with like-minded people and sharing our journey is imperative in saving each other’s life. Peace of mind is crucial in living a fulfilled life and it can be jeopardised by overthinking and sometimes we are our own worst enemy and create scenarios in our heads that aren’t true and even if they are true we have little or no control over anyway. 

We need to be kinder to ourselves and that starts with what we obsess about within our own heads!

If you like me want to help others and have suffered with some form of mental health please join with the CraZycreativecool movement and reach out to anyone you feel is in need and don’t be shy to share your journey as that may just be enough to save someone.

You got this baby girl!