Travelling is essential for my soul; the need to visit new places and try new things is my therapy to life. I believe experiences shape your character and life is far too short to stay in one place.

I live to feel the rays of the sun on my back whilst snoozing to the seductive whispers of the Sea, thus the need for a quick getaway. I rarely plan these trips and living up to my chaotic lifestyle Turkey was booked less than 24hours before I was due to depart.


A couple of hours later and 29 degrees hotter I had landed. As soon as I had left the airport and was on my transfer to my hotel the natural beauty of Turkey struck me; the view of the tranquil beaches with the dramatic mountain backdrop was the initiation of my love affair.


The beach was on my door step and the Malibu and Cokes were flowing; The Resort and Spa did not disappoint; not only did I indulge in an hour long aromatherapy massage and tested out a Turkish clay face mask. I was able to let go of all the stressors of ‘life’ itself and enjoy the silence of the present moment.


I let go of my mental ‘chatter’ and immersed myself in the stillness of peace; hence it was the perfect spot to unwind.