The Core of Life are hosting pop-ups within the borough of Lewisham bringing the flavours of the Caribbean to you; offering you the very best meat free, egg free and dairy free options.

Each dish has been carefully selected and homemade by naturopathic nutritionist Sharon Gardner to ensure they not only live up to your expectation of flavour but they cater to your nutritional needs.

The Core of Life experience will consist of a three-course meal embedded within the roots of the Caribbean culture. You will not only experience the flavours from the Caribbean but the social aspect too; your soul is your power and your core so be sure to feed it well whilst kicking back to some reggae rhythms. Bring a friend and kick back to some soulful music whilst enjoying all the flavours of the Caribbean vegan cuisine.

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the delicious dishes on offer to you at these events. The Core of Life’s mantra is to be well within your core, so whatever it is you’re after, Sharon and her team of health food specialists aim to meet your individual needs.

The importance of healthy eating and a positive lifestyle cannot be underestimated, and The Core of Life’s ethic is to enlighten people to this through their pop-ups. They aim to help keep people in tune with their core, by filling that void with nutritional healthy food choices, as opposed to the unhealthy food habits that so many people can adopt.