Not sure if you’ve heard, but this week I finally made the jump; and I officially launched my very own YouTube channel!

I wanted you to get to know Jade, the face behind Precious Vegan and listen to my story and truth about why I became vegan and the struggles I have faced so far and how I have overcome them.

What to expect from Introduction Part 1
Precious Vegan Introduction Part 1 is a 6 minute video providing you with an overview as to why I became a vegan and touches slightly on the topic of mental health and how becoming vegan has helped my mood.

Part 2 will be uploaded next week and I then aim to publish one video per month on different vegan topics. The lack of my most recent blog posts due to my hectic schedule was the main reason I decided to join YouTube as typing and editing blogs can become quite time consuming especially a long side a full time career and a part time business.

I also want to connect with people from all over the world; if you have been following my journey so far, you’ll have realised that I have the travel bug! Thus to connect with vegans across the world would really open up a lot of avenues for me in terms of my future endeavours.

I hope for the viewers who discover my channel enjoy learning from me and help develop my vegan journey into something magical by providing me with positive criticism, questions and ideas of how I could evolve within the vegan community to help other likeminded souls on their journeys also.

Watch video here >