August 2016 was a whirlwind of a month for me; I can only describe it as the beginning of an end, both a physical and mental transition. The struggle between balancing a job I hated and being a student nurse was coming to an end. However, the exciting challenge of turning my lifestyle choices into a blogging career was now on the horizon. Thus, receiving Taitus Botanicals body wash, natural soap, hair and body oil was a welcomed blessing. At a time, when all I truly needed was to relax and nurture my mind, body and soul.

At only £6.45 / $8 a bottle the ‘Lavender Body Wash’ lives up to its description of cleansing and moisturising the skin. Its ingredients, just to name a few include organic coconut oil, aloe Vera and an infusion of essential oils. I was in heaven; I literally did not want to get out of the bath! I do not remember the last time I have felt that relaxed. I left my hour-long bath feeling and smelling like a Nubian queen.

I don’t know where to start with the ‘Rosemary Peppermint Hair and Body Oil’ (£6.45 / $8 a bottle). This oil was 10/10! I cannot explain to you how much I was feeling the consistency. It is so hard to find an oil that isn’t too thick or too runny. I am not exaggerating when I say that product is perfect. Not only did the formula hydrate and moisture my hair and skin the aroma captured everybody’s attention.

Last, but not least, the ‘natural soap’ (£4.90 / $6). The earthy fragrance was out of this world. After using Taitus’s Soap I did not feel the roughness I usually feel after washing my hands and I did not get the typical urge to cream my hands as this soap is not made with any harsh chemicals.

My skin and hair truly changed over the period I was using Taitus Botanicals products as part of skincare regime. So, if you are like me and want to use products that are fit for kings and queens yet affordable click here to view the entire collection.