My goal this year is to travel to at least five countries; I kick started this plan three weeks ago. Unfortunately I was only able to travel during half-term; which meant everything had tripled in price. Living up to my spontaneous side I booked the holiday a week...

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2016 Christmas in Malta

Better late than never? Sorry for the late post. Definitely need to keep an eye on my time management! A vegan Christmas in Malta, I mean who would have thought it? It is extremely seldom for anyone in Malta to have been raised into a vegan family; hence my concern of...

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My Love Affair With Turkey

Travelling is essential for my soul; the need to visit new places and try new things is my therapy to life. I believe experiences shape your character and life is far too short to stay in one place. I live to feel the rays of the sun on my back whilst snoozing to the...

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