In February, I attended’ Vegfest’ in Brighton; a midst the 250 stalls, a green bag flowing in the distance with the words written ‘To love without boundaries defined by privilege or species’ captured my attention.

As I drew closer I realised the bag was a free gift full of goodies if I subscribed to a magazine named ‘Vegan Life’.

Two months in to my decision of becoming vegan and basically winging it like my eyeliner I decided that maybe this magazine could be the answer to all my questions!

I had a brief flick through and I fell in love! Approximately 100 pages jam packed with topics varying from turning vegan, vegan activists, vegan events, recipes, vegan inspiration and so much more.

What I liked about Vegan Life is that whether you are a vegan newbie or a vegan veteran the editors have designed it in such a way that you will learn something new despite any pre-existing thoughts or knowledge around the topic.

Becoming vegan was a lifestyle change and part of my journey into becoming more mindful and living a more conscious life.

Vegan Life is written from that standpoint, which I believe is the main reason why I recommend it so much. The writers do not write from a judgemental stance neither do they try to ‘convert’ you.

The transition from being a meat eater to vegan isn’t one for the light hearted; it is a struggle and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I have had a couple of slip ups along the way. Yet Vegan Life provides its readers with support as well as various meal options to try.

The most beneficial section of Vegan Life for me is the ‘Accidental Vegan’ page. This is a page that highlights various products from well-known supermarkets that you may not have expected to be vegan! Thus it opens your eyes to the unknown.

Vegan Life Magazine doesn’t have to be limited to vegans, as I believe meat eaters could benefit from it too; plus the recipes are so adaptable. 

If you have fallen in love with Vegan Life and want to purchase your own copy, it is available in all major supermarkets.