Valentines day is around the corner, so why not treat the person most dear to you, to a card that breaks the ‘norm’.

You Said it Cards are quirky, distasteful, witty and incredibly naughty and that’s why I love them! Whilst browsing I cringed and laughed all at the same time. You Said It Cards are the sort of cards that say exactly how most people feel but would never actually verbalise or share openly and that’s what makes them all that little bit more fun.

Although these cards could be said to offend, they are so cheeky that I’m sure all generations would find the funny side of them (they even made my nana chuckle)!

I hate soppy cards especially as most of the time they end up in the bin. However, You Said It Cards are so unique that once ‘Valentines Day’ is over I would definitely keep the card as a keep sake.

Although, You Said It Cards specialise in rude/naughty cards, what I love about the website is that you as the buyer get to filter the cards by clicking either yes or no to ‘show rude cards’.

When ordering your card you can add a printed message inside for 75p extra and send it directly to your loved one or you can order it blank and handwrite your own personal message, the option is yours. You Said It Cards are £2.99 and are all printed in the UK (you can even choose what colour envelope you want)!

You Said It Cards, have a card for everyone and for every occasion, so why don’t you go ahead and treat that special someone to a card as I’ve teamed up with ‘You Said It Cards’ and were giving you a cheeky 15% off all cards if you use the code “BLOGGERV19“.


*I was gifted a valentines day card in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.