As some of you know for the last year I have been suffering with acne. It actually got so bad that I went into hiding! I stopped going to work, I stopped seeing friends and family and I just felt so down that when I went to the doctors they prescribed me antidepressants. 

I was at all time low and I didn’t think that I would ever feel happy again. However I made the decision to not comply with the antidepressants as I knew that whatever it was I was going through could not possibly be permanent, I was trying to reassure myself that it is just a season and for that reason I wanted to overcome it naturally and try and find the root of the problem without trying to mask the impact it was having on my mood.

It was hard and at times it can still be hard as although my acne is no longer active the scarring is real! Which makes me self-conscious but I am in a much better mental space now than I was a couple of months ago.

Some of the products that helped me overcome this dreadful phase was the cool blue cleansing lotion and cool blue contour day cream.

Both the products were soothing which helped my acne as my face was becoming extremely itchy and dry.

What I love about Zuzka products is that they are all made with natural and organic ingredients.

Zuzka encourage their customers to care for their skin in a way that is pleasurable and therapeutic.

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